Changes to commenting service

I have received notification that my comment service Haloscan will be closing. Unfortunately, there is no way to export older comments. Since my blog is relatively new and only gets a few comments, I think the move to a new comments system should be a minor inconvenience. With that said it hasn't been an easy decision. I will be migrating the comments to the Disqus service. Thanks to everybody who has commented on my past posts. Your feedback and comments are very important to me.

The upside of these changes means that I can use a plugin called RapidBlog that allows me to use the Google Blogger service to write and publish blog posts. Migrating to Blogger means that I'm no longer tied to my machine and can post while on the road. The main reason I didn't use this earlier was that it meant losing comments, which is now inevitable. Hopefully the move to Google Blogger will be invisible for you the reader. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.
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